Honoring Women’s History Month

As part of Women’s History Month, OSHA’s website includes a link celebrating past women leaders. There is a brief video by Emily Hargrove, Chief of Staff at Federal OSHA. She stated that it’s not just a celebration. It is an acknowledgement of the incredible contributions women have made throughout history to reshape our world. For these trailblazers, it required incredible courage, resilience, and fortitude.

There is a link on the website to a U.S. Department of Labor Blog on 11 Quotes from Women Labor Leaders.  The introduction states, Throughout our nation’s history, women have frequently been influential leaders in the fight for workers’ rights.  Women have been pioneers of workplace safety, fair wage advocates, and labor organizers have helped to uplift and improve conditions for all workers. In honor of Women’s History Month, here are eleven inspiring quotes from women labor leaders.

This serves as a reminder to reflect, honor, and reaffirm the commitment to gender equality, equality for all, diversity, and inclusivity. 

OSHA Quicktakes

Photo by Luwadlin Bosman on Unsplash

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