Zombie Lies…. Or myths that continue on!

We had a great discussion on zombie lies that continue to be believed in the safety and health field.  Here’s a quick recap of a few myths for those who couldn’t make the zoom session.  That said, a continued discussion on this topic is important, but also lively, and interesting, especially since an email just came through from EHS Daily Advisor titled: Busting Myths And Building Communities, with the description, “Seize control—break free from outdated norms, enhance safety, and boost productivity”.

Here are a few myths to bust from the discussion:

  • It’s never happened here before so why bother with prevention or control measures
  • We resolved that risk so do not need a continued focus
  • There’s nothing we can do about it
  • Management doesn’t care
  • It doesn’t matter what we do…. Fill in the blanks
  • It takes too long to follow the safety requirements
  • Taking short cuts helps the company
  • Not my problem
  • No one cares, why should I?
  • People will find a way around safe practices
  • Safety sounds like a broken record
  • Don’t stir up trouble
  • It’ll create more work if safety brings up issues and the safety department is already too busy

Coming soon: Wellness myths/zombie lies that continue! It really is time to seize control of safety programs to promote safer & healthier attitudes and practices.

Photo: thanks to OpenClipart-Vectors and Image by EriktheGreat at Pixaby

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