ER Shoutout for Manager Support

A recent HBR article on the unmanageable job responsibilities of managers was alarming. The authors reported that managers are buckling under the pressure of increased workloads and having more direct reports. A survey indicated that 54% of managers are suffering from work-induced stress and fatigue, and 44% are struggling to provide personalized support to their direct reports.

What drew our attention to the findings is that the stress and struggles are not due to inability to prioritize, lack of technical skills, unprecedented changes, or coaching ineffectiveness – as would be expected causes. Instead, the causes are related to lack of self-awareness, empathy weaknesses, and relationship issues.

The article summarizes causes and methods to address the concerns.  We would add that the elements often missing in manager development are ongoing support and initiatives to cultivate the essential soft skills such as,

  • Effective Communication
  • Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence/Control. 

These skills will reduce and prevent the struggles. Supporting managers is essential not just for their well-being but for the well-being of your organization. It takes just a few simple steps:

  • “Soft Skills” Development and Practice 
  • Resiliency Initiatives
  • Energy Management 
  • Addressing Contributing Organizational Causes 

This is an emergency shoutout to support managers. Burnout is a medical emergency. It impacts not just the health of the person, but family, friends, direct reports, co-workers, productivity, and careers. 

Don’t wait until the signs and symptoms of struggling – or worse, burnout – are obvious.  Taking steps now will enhance the well-being of managers, employees, and the organization.

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