Resources for Preventing Heat Related Emergencies

An important topic for the volunteer emergency response teams we work with is recognizing and treating heat related illnesses. Heat illnesses are preventable, but it is essential to recognize distress and act quickly to prevent a medical emergency. We have been involved in emergencies that have occurred indoors such as employees not drinking enough fluids when working in clean rooms, to those exercising during breaks and working outside – cleaning the grounds, landscaping, and construction work for example.

Education and prevention are key! Dimensions often provides first aid topic reviews for organizations that do not have an emergency response team or as general education for employees not members on the team. The topics are customized to meet the needs of the employees and organization; however, during this time of year the topic requests are for preventing and treating heat related illnesses, and safety considerations when working or playing outdoors in the summer.

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Here are resources available on the OSHA website heat illness prevention; however, please remember that it takes more than a poster or a handout! Use the information as an element of your prevention campaign. Consider:

  • Establishing a policy on heat illness prevention
  • Ensuring breaks and plenty of water
  • Educating managers on the policy and expectations
  • Communicating the importance to employees
  • Periodically assessing implementation
  • Providing first aid topic reviews, including heat illness prevention

Photo by Jeriden Villegas on Unsplash

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