case studies

Tips and Myth Busters

We haven’t published these for a while, but this season is ripe with myth busters! Some myths have been well-known for years yet persist, even in the health and wellness professions. Researchers combed through current advised health practices and found 400 common ones...

Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching Sometimes focusing on overall wellbeing as opposed to setting rigid goals can help groups meet their wellness goals. the issues The goals for the initiative were to enhance employee well-being while at the same time reduce risk factors – however...

Ergonomic Assessment Case Study

Ergonomic issues remain one of the main causes of injuries and discomfort in the workplace, and are a leading cause of Workers’ Compensation claims. Here's some evidence.

Case Management

After an incident, Dimensions helped an organization ensure a safe and appropriate job assignment while the employee was working to return to their full-time position.

Health Coaching and Screening

Health Screening and Coaching Increasing awareness and improving health of employees was important to this manufacturer. the issues Dimensions was involved in implementing a health screening and follow-up health coaching initiative for a manufacturing company in...

Anthrax Exposure

In 2001, we helped a company that made and serviced high-speed mail processing equipment protect their employees from anthrax exposure.