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Life’s Essential 8 + 1

In 2022 the American Heart Association (AHA) updated their list of the most important predictors of heart health. The predictors are also believed to reduce inflammation which

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Active Shooter

Do Your Employees Know What To Do?…

….When the unthinkable occurs? NC State Consultative Services has several resources for NC businesses, including the occupational health nurse consultant.  We want to highlight two of

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Mental Health in the Workplace

OSHA posted sobering statistics: Our research and that of others have indicated that most workplace stress results from negative interactions with unskillful and untrained managers,

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The Importance of Autonomy!

Our February Blog, Culture Shock, mentioned 3 key aspects for organizational well-being: The importance of flexibility is woven through all 3 and cannot be emphasized enough. Flexibility

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Culture Shock 2023

Many insightful nuggets of information were gotten when Jim Harter with Gallup was interviewed during a National Wellness Institute Webinar. Key take aways were that,

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